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Feral of the Week: Beta

July 05, 2016

#649, aka "Beta." She was fixed & vaccinated, then kept for a few extra days so she wouldn't be released on the 4th of July. She was very happy to have her independence today!

Beethoven's Recovery Update

June 29, 2016

He's been cleared of ringworm & is out of quarantine! He's enjoying being able to move freely about the house. He's rather indifferent to the other kitties, but affectionate with his foster mommy. Please PM us if you are interested in adopting this sweet, deaf senior boy.

Babies Dumped On The Street

June 10, 2016

These babies were dumped in a box, covered in fleas and left in the scorching sun to die. Thank goodness it was in one of our TNR locations and they are safe now for the time being! They were infested with fleas, crawling in their eyes, mouth, and nose, dehydrated, and left for dead. We are out of funding as we are feeding over 60 kittens right now and over 300 colony cats! We urgently need donations so we can give the best care to all these orphaned babies being left behind.

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